About Us

We take pride offering a wide range of services to help any business!

At Femme Techs, we strive for innovation beyond the ordinary. We strive to help take businesses to the next level. We offer a variety of services including, Web Development, E-commerce, Salesforce Development, API Integrations, Mobile Apps, SEO, Reporting and Marketing.
We deliver value to our clients by:
• Creating long lasting relationships
• Providing excellent customer service
• Helping you identify and solve business problems
Years of Experience


We help our clients to focus on their business by providing a worry free experience at a fraction of the cost.  We are all ears for our clients’ needs, which helps us to gain the trust of current customers and gain the trust of new ones. Every client will have a dedicated project manager to facilitate every step of the process  meeting all the clients needs in the most efficient way possible, stress free!

With Femme Techs you are able to focus on your primary business needs while we take care of the technology. We constantly educate ourselves on the latest technical standards, and latest softwares to do our utmost to maintain the highest quality levels. We are keeping track of ever changing technologies and are feeding our curiosity in the latest advances, this is the reason why we never fall behind.


Consistently inventing & innovating  solutions for both corporate and small businesses that don’t bite the dust of time and stand unchallenged. To help our clients with their all around needs from software integrations, apps, data, marketing and much more…

Femme Techs

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